Rob Merlino Dot Com is BACK!!!

about rob merlinoIt’s been several YEARS since I wrote ANYTHING on Rob Merlino dot com! The reason is, I’ve been wicked busy with other projects like the Shark Tank Blog. I also had my site HACKED while it was hosted on Hostgator!

Long story short: I let Rob Merlino dot com fester in the netherworld of unpublished sites ever since it got hacked and I moved it to WP Engine. The reason I am resuscitating it is I have a lot to say about a lot of different things and I have more time to devote to the site now that Shark Tank is in summer re-runs and I’ve hired a few virtual assistant types.

While Rob Merlino dot Com won’t be my only project (more on that to come), I’d like it to become what I originally intended it to be: an outlet for my various rants and, more importantly, a resource for people who want to get started with making money online with WordPress blogs and websites.

Rob Merlino dot Com going forward

My initial goals for the site are twofold. It will be a repository for a lot of stuff I’ve written over the years on other blogs I’ve started and stopped. Right now, I am in the process of accumulating everything I’ve produced online that currently doesn’t have a home. In the past, I attempted to write several “make money online” type of blogs. I never got going because the first few attempts were BEFORE I made any real money online and the subsequent attempts found me too busy making money online to devote the proper attention!

Those old “make money online” posts are on this site somewhere, but a lot of the info is outdated. Going forward, I’ll be taking a case study type approach to building a web property. The first project will be a site I am building with my daughter. She wanted to do a lemonade stand in the weeks between the end of school and the beginning of summer camp. Instead, I suggested we build a website together. I figured she can learn some new skills AND make a few bucks, without sitting out in the hot Florida sun all day selling 50 cent cups of crappy lemonade. She LOVED the idea.

We will go through the entire process together, and I will chronicle it here on Rob Merlino dot com. The end result will be a fantastic resource for people who want to build a money-making website of their own. We will start from the brainstorming process, domaining, setting up the site, SEO and so much more. It will be a fun exercise for both of us!