Paid Posting

Paid posting sites enjoyed a HUGE SPLASH a few years ago. The way it works is you join a pay to post site and sign up for offers that your blog qualifies for. You can get paid anywhere from a dollar or two to over $300 for one post! This is a good … [Continue reading]


Adsense. On the net, it's ubiquitous. I have Adsense on many of my sites. Some webmasters and bloggers scorn it, others swear by it. Some have gotten rich from it, others make just pennies a day. What should you do about Adsense? There are so many … [Continue reading]

Coming soon….

This site is under construction and will relaunch soon. I am moving hosts to WP Engine and migrating all content. Please check back soon! … [Continue reading]

Getting my Shark Tank On

Shark tank logo

I have been neglecting this blog because I have been very busy with my Shark Tank Blog. The show¬†just finished up a 6 week run of new episodes, which kept me busy keeping the site updated with quality content. There are a lot of Shark Tank related … [Continue reading]

Free Traffic Wiz

Free Traffic Wiz is a video course authored by one of my internet buddies, Vinay Patankar. Vinay is a 25 year old computer genius who is currently traveling the world while he earns money from his various e-commerce sites. He was a Cisco Certified … [Continue reading]

Seasonal Niche Sites

If you are into creating niche sites, you should consider what I call "seasonal niches." A seasonal niche is just what it sounds like- it is only a niche during a certain season. Christmas sites, Halloween sites etc all have short windows of high … [Continue reading]