Getting Traffic to your Blog

TRAFFIC. When you’re stuck in it on the highway, it sucks. When you have a blog, traffic is EVERYTHING. So how do you get traffic? There’s not a simple answer.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting a lot of time and energy into creating a blog and having NO ONE even LOOK at it. The blogging “gurus” out there who are making six figures a year with their blogs are more than eager to tell you how to do it, just don’t expect to get to their level overnight. The folks who are making that kind of dough have been doing it for years and they do it full time. Can YOU get there? The answer is probably, eventually.

The real question is HOW?

In this and subsequent posts, I will outline ways I have driven traffic to my sites. I have been at it for three and a half years and I am still ALWAYS looking to drive traffic to my sites. Every day I Google “how to increase blog traffic” and try to find a new tip. There are so many different ways, it’s impossible to try them all.

When you first start out, ask your friends and family to take a look at your site. Give them something interesting/entertaining/informative to read! Announce your blog on your Facebook page (if you don’t have one, get one). Send a link to your email list and include your blog address in your email signature. These seem like simple steps, but every little bit helps.

Comment on other blogs that you read-MAKE INTERESTING COMMENTS, NOT SPAMMY ONES. I don’t publish spammy comments on any of my sites and many others don’t either.

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and there are many, many more!

One site I found very helpful when I was starting out is Problogger. Go there, read everything you can and implement as much of Darren’s advice as humanly possible! For the beginning blogger, Problogger is the single most informative resource out there-think of it as your bible.

Remember, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. I always try to do my best to do what the best are doing-you should too!