Getting my Shark Tank On

Shark tank logoI have been neglecting this blog because I have been very busy with my Shark Tank Blog. The show just finished up a 6 week run of new episodes, which kept me busy keeping the site updated with quality content. There are a lot of Shark Tank related websites out there – certainly more than there were at this time last year – which makes the competition for readers and search engine rankings more intense.

Shark Tank Blog a Content Leader

While there are a lot of related sites, I am proud to say very few go into the depth and detail as the Shark Tank Blog. I strive to get all the news and updates on the various entrepreneurs. I have dozens of interviews with Entrepreneurs that not only give great insight into the inner workings of the show, but into the entrepreneurial approaches different businesses have in general. I sometimes talk to people before they appear on the show, sometimes after. Either way, I get the story about what it’s like to be “in the Tank.”

I also get the Sharks, too! I’ve interviewed Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John for the Shark Tank Blog and I will be getting more!

While I may not be the “official” Shark Tank Blogger, I am the one who supports the entrepreneurs. I made the conscious decision to do that early on in the site’s life, and it’s been a good strategy. The access I have earned made my blog a source for many other news outlets. Barely a week goes by where the site isn’t linked from a news source reporting on a local entrepreneur set to appear on the show.

Show Time

I live tweet on the hashtag #SharkTank each Friday, along with entrepreneurs, fans, and the Sharks themselves. Friday nights have become a combination of work and pleasure as I frantically try to keep up with the pace of the Twitter feed and the broadcast. I make many new connections on Twitter each week and the blog gets a huge traffic spike each Friday. The site averages around 8,500 visitors on show nights; the most ever was just north of 40,000 visitors – and all that traffic happens in a few hours!

While I enjoy being “the Shark Tank Blogger,” I am grateful for a few weeks of re-runs. It’s allowed me to square away some details for the upcoming 2013 National Hot Dog Month Tour and build out a few new sites. I am even building a new Shark Tank related site called As Seen on SharkTank. This site is more of a resource for the products that appear on the show and a place to curate Shark Tank Product reviews.

All in all, I am kept busy with all these endeavors, but this Friday, March 15, I will be “getting my Shark Tank on!”

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