Seasonal Niche Sites

If you are into creating niche sites, you should consider what I call “seasonal niches.” A seasonal niche is just what it sounds like- it is only a niche during a certain season. Christmas sites, Halloween sites etc all have short windows of high level search activity in relation to their “season.” After all, you couldn’t expect many searches for “Christmas tree lights” in the middle of July. With a seasonal niche, there are short bursts of large amounts of traffic to coincide with the corresponding season.You can also have sites associated with the actual seasons, the “school season,” holiday related seasons, sports seasons or even TV seasons.
For example, I have a youth baseball coaching niche site that has lots of traffic from mid February through mid June; after mid June the traffic trickles down through August and nearly disappears until the following February. The site’s traffic coincides with Spring and Summer youth baseball league seasons and caters to coaches, particularly new coaches of young players, who are looking for ideas for their practices.
I have another site that coincides with the NFL Football season. It sees a spike in traffic when the pre-season starts and another, bigger spike when the real season starts. The traffic nearly disappears after the Super Bowl.

I recently began co-authoring a site about the television show The Shark Tank. While it is new and I can’t discern traffic trends yet, I imagine traffic will drop when the season ends.

My Hot Dog Stories site slows down a bit in the winter too. That’s partly due to the fact that I don’t visit as many hot dog places in the winter (many are closed) and partly due to hot dogs being somewhat seasonal too.

I don’t have a problem with the downturns in traffic during the seasonal lulls as I have plenty to keep me busy with other seasonal niches. The ebb and flow of the workload throughout the year develops its own rhythm.

Adding a seasonal niche site can help your bottom line too if it is properly monetized. I am going to develop some other seasonal niche sites around the Christmas season- I am already planning them in February. If you are into building niche sites, consider a seasonal niche to add to your portfolio.