Make Money Online Easily – The Hot Dog Principle!

Here’s a nifty article explaining how people earn money online while comparing it to something I know a lot about: Selling Hot Dogs

Make Money Online Easily – The Hot Dog Principle!

Author: Jason Middleton

As little as a quarter of a century ago there was no internet to speak of, and if you wanted to have your own home business  you were limited to make up, plastic kitchenware, or kooky little gadgets sold in catalogues through peoples doors. The Idea of network marketing was strong, but rarely heard of, and only people with vision or money, successfully created their own business. The internet age created a new type of entrepreneur, and allowed the almost penniless to become millionaires at an unheard of rate! Network and affiliate marketing took on a life all of its own!

So what’s all this got to do with Hotdogs?

People making money all use what I like to term the hotdog principle!  The hotdog principle is simple – Sell more Dogs in less time to earn more money! Let’s start with the concept. This translates simply and easily to every business, including yours when you start on the Internet! Ok let’s call our guy Joe. Joe has decided that he wants to make money, and he see’s that there are no Hotdog Vendors in his area.  So Joe goes out and buys a small wagon to sell his hotdogs from, he paints his wagon, and logo’s it, this is the base of his business – his little bit of advertising, the thing that will make it appealing to his customers. The next thing Joe does is approach his local council for permission to put his Wagon on a street corner.

He pays rent for his little piece of the world. Joe then buys himself a uniform to look nice for his customers, and act as an extra little bit of advertising, finally Joe finds a distributor where he buys his dogs, sauces and rolls! Joe sets up his hot dog stall and starts to make an income from selling Hot dogs to people passing by!

A couple of months pass and Joe has by now noticed that there is traffic on the corner of the next block, people that never walk down his street, but surely some of them will buy Hotdogs. There is an opportunity for Joe to become wealthy, he knows his dogs sell really well, but he can’t be in two places at once. He needs a partner.

What Joe doesn’t want to do is have an employee, because then Joe has to pay for everything again, plus pay a wage to an employee. He needs reliability, and someone with a will to succeed. So Joe places an advert in his local Newspaper – he’s looking for someone with vision, determination and motivation, and someone who’s willing to pay to earn money! Eventually Joe settles on Jim. Jim pays Joe to provide him with a logo’d wagon; a logo’d uniform, and supplies to make dogs. Jim keeps 75% of all the profit he makes, and pays Joe the Rest.

Jim has a great view of the park from where he works, and he can see thousands of people that never come to his stand, but why should Jim tell Joe?  Because Joe is now getting clever, and tells Jim; “If you can see any spots, and bring in more people to the business, for everyone you bring in I’ll give you a finders fee, and a portion of the profits, and for everyone they bring in to set up profitable hot dog stalls, I’ll give you another portion of the profits.”

Within a couple of years there is a whole network of Joe’s Hotdogs, on every street corner, and everyone’s earning money.  In fact each stall owner is now looking for new cities to make a killing in, because each of them knows they will get a percentage off anyone they bring in. It’s called Franchise Network Marketing, or Multi Level Marketing, in its simplest form. Joes always going to be the man that earns the most money, he owns the company, but Jim is also making millions, and the person that Jim bought in has that opportunity, and so on all the way down the line.

Now Joe has sold his stall, and is living on the profits from all the others, he doesn’t have the hassle of searching for new sites, paying councils or zoning, all he has to worry about is how nice the wagons and uniforms look. He works Less and Earns More!

Now this should translate literally to any web business, the mistakes that most people make are: They can’t decide which hotdog to sell! (Program hoppers!) They expect Joe to give them all the tools for free! (it isn’t ever going to happen) They treat selling hotdogs as part time game! (It’s a business not a hobby!) They don’t like people knowing they sell Hotdogs! (I make Money as an affiliate!)

 The fact is the 3% that succeed are earning off the 97% that fail, and why because they’re the guys telling the rest that they make money selling hotdogs, and we all want a share of their money, but we don’t seriously want to sell hotdogs! If you can wake up tomorrow, give yourself permission to make money, understand that you will have to pay for your tools, and tell everyone you know, I can guarantee success.

You see we are all affected by optimism, and success breeds success. This is called attraction marketing! Have a look at what you need – you need to pay for Zoning  (Hosting), you need to pay for your hot dog wagon (domain, website and online business), you need to pay for your uniform (advertising), and you need to tell people how great it would be if they ate your hot dogs (marketing system and Autoresponder.) Sell More Dogs, Have More Fun! Jason Middleton Professional Affiliate Marketer

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About the Author:
Born in Nottingham England, but raised in Zambia, Africa.
Joined the Armed Forces at age 16 and visited more than 15 countries around the world. Then worked for a blue chip restaurant chain leaving in 2007 as a Regional Manager, and Franchise Consultant!
Currently actively involved in Online Network Marketing, and marketing systems.