Review of Hot Dog Cash

If you have been thinking seriously about starting your own hot dog business, you probably have hundreds of questions. I started my hot dog business with about twenty minutes of training from the guy I bought my Hot Dog Truck from. The rest I learned the old fashioned way: through trial and error! I eventually became successful, but I could have saved myself a ton of time and money by getting good information.

Let’s face it, the hot dog business aint rocket science. It’s a fairly simple business: buy a cart, trailer or Hot Dog Truck; find a location, get permits, then go sell hot dogs. Sounds simple, right? But it’s not always easy. It would be nice to have some help. That’s why you’re looking at this site, right?

When I got started, there weren’t a lot of resources out there for would-be hot dog entrepreneurs. Now, there are a plethora of websites, including How to Start a Hot Dog Business, that can help you get started. But even the many resources available may not be enough if you want to be successful right off the bat.

I get a ton of email from people who want to start their own hot dog business and what most people are looking for is GUIDANCE.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m looking for guidance, I look for a GUIDE: someone or something to help move me in the right direction.

There are hundreds of guides for people who want to get into the hot dog business all over the place. Some are free, some cost money. The free guides, like my How to Start a Hot Dog Business site, can be very helpful and may be all you need to get going if you have a food service or small business background. Other people may want to read up on all the details of starting a hot dog business and be able to refer back to some sort of manual or guide to help them along.

Since starting my How to Start a Hot Dog Business site, I have read and reviewed many guides and manuals about starting a hot dog business. Some are just downright awful, some are just “OK,” and a few of them are very good. My three favorite hot dog business start up guides are The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand by Mat Chaudhry, Hot Dog Cash by Perry the Hot Dog Guy and Hot Dog Biz 101 by Steve Schaible.

All three guides were written by seasoned, professional hot dog men who have run successful hot dog  businesses and each book gives solid, easily understood information on everything you need to know about starting and running a hot dog business. I would recommend either guide to any aspiring hot dog vendor. 

The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand costs $37 and it’s the book for you if you just want information without a lot of extras.  

Hot Dog Cash is your guide if you want extras: 3+ hours of the manual on CD (listen while you drive), two personal development books, a host of forms for accounting and planning, and access to Perry the Hot Dog Guy’s resources page and newsletter for ongoing support. Hot Dog Cash costs $97- and the extras are WELL WORTH the price.

Hot Dog Biz 101 is the most loaded guide: 250 page book, 4 CD’s, a recipe book, a leasing guide, book keeping systems, a trial version of Hot Dog Cart record keeping software, 3 personal development books, access to a weekly newsletter, and a $100 coupon towards the purchase of a new or used hot dog cart from one of six different cart manufacturers. All this will only set you back $94!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these guides. All will help you get started in the hot dog business on the right foot and getting off to a good start means more money in your pocket. I would have gladly ordered ALL THREE manuals (had they existed) when I got started. There are tips in these guides that will SAVE you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! If you’re serious about starting a hot dog business, you need Hot Dog Biz 101,  Hot Dog Cash or The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand in your library.

As a bonus to readers of this site and wanna be Hotdogmen (and women) everywhere, Mat Chaudhry, author of The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand has authorized me to provide a peek at his book, ABSOLUTELY FREE! You can read chapter one of The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand by clicking the link below. Simply sign in and I’ll provide you with chapter one for free! If you like what you read, come back here and get the rest of the book or all 3!

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